East Midlands, United Kingdom
Welcome to Lizzie B Pilates
Welcome to Lizzie's Pilates and Fitness website. Here you can find information about all classes available in the area and the benefits of Pilates, regular exercise and stretching. Whether you're already an advaced exercise professional, just starting out or are somewhere inbetween, you can benefit from taking class. 

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£28 for 6 classes / £55 for 12, when you block book!

Working out in a calm and controlled environment is incredibly beneficial. Pilates, stretching and gentle toning is a great way to achieve a better quality of life.
We run multiple classes a week. You can find all details about this on the CLASSES page. 
Taking classes is a great way to meet like-minded people in your area. Working out and taking class with friends is fun and motivates you to work hard, too.